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Refresh Your Rooms Post-Event with Decotel

Large events like the Euros, the Olympics, London Pride, and renowned music festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading, and Leeds bring a vibrant influx of guests to hotels and hospitality establishments. While these events create a fantastic opportunity to showcase your services, they also come with the challenge of maintaining impeccable room standards amidst high guest turnover.

At Decotel, we understand the unique demands these events place on your establishment. Our range of high-quality products is designed to help you quickly refresh and prepare your rooms, ensuring an exceptional guest experience every time.

Key Products to Keep Your Rooms Guest-Ready:

Bins: Our bins come in various designs and finishes, including the practical Decotel Ubineco insert, to promote efficient waste sorting and maintain cleanliness effortlessly.

Luggage Racks: Provide your guests with the convenience of sturdy and stylish luggage racks, perfect for any room type.

Kettles: Enhance your in-room amenities with our reliable and elegant kettles, offering guests the comfort of a hot beverage at any time.

Hair Dryers: Ensure your guests have everything they need with our durable and efficient hair dryers, a must-have in any hotel room.

Irons: Keep your guests looking sharp with our easy-to-use irons, designed for safety and efficiency.

Benefits of Choosing Decotel:

Quality and Durability: Our core product range is crafted to withstand the rigors of frequent use, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Practicality: Designed with housekeeping staff in mind, our products make it easier and quicker to refresh rooms, maintaining high standards of cleanliness and readiness.

Functionality: Our products provide practical solutions that meet the needs of both guests and staff, ensuring a smooth and pleasant stay for everyone.

Why It Matters:

Events like the Euros, the Olympics, and major music festivals draw thousands of visitors, making it essential for hotels to stay on top of room maintenance. By equipping your rooms with Decotel’s products, you ensure that each guest experiences the same level of comfort and cleanliness, no matter how busy the season.

Ready to Elevate Your Room Standards?

Transform your rooms quickly and efficiently with Decotel’s premium solutions. Keep your guests impressed and your rooms in top shape, event after event.

Explore our range or contact us today to learn more about how Decotel can help your hotel thrive during and after major events.

E: sales@decotel.com
T: +44(0)1509 264 422

E: sales-eu@decotel.com
T: +34 96 121 37 43

Posted by: Sean Brown
Posted on: June 5, 2024
Posted in: Decotel News
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